Medically referred to as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery can have both functional and cosmetic benefits. Often, the procedure is performed for patients with eyelids that have become droopy. This problem is commonly associated with aging, and it can make a person look perpetually tired. Actual fatigue may start to occur due to the problem, since keeping the eyes wide open may become a struggle. It can be a vicious cycle, with a fatigued individual being more susceptible to drooping eyelids.

Cosmetic and Functional Advantages

Surgery to correct this issue is commonly called an eye lift. It can make the patient look years younger, and the functional advantages are also very welcome. That means being able to keep one’s eyes open without feeling like propping the lids up may become necessary.

Insurance Considerations

If the problem is interfering with vision, medical insurance might cover most or even all of the cost of the surgery. Otherwise, insurers generally view this as a cosmetic procedure that does not qualify for coverage.

Additional Strategies

People who only or mainly want this operation for cosmetic benefits may like to have excess fat removed from under and around the lids. Excess skin on the lower lids can also be removed. All of this smooths lines and wrinkles, and dramatically reduces puffiness. Since eyelid skin is so sensitive, wrinkled folds developing there is a relatively frequent occurrence as people age.

Temporary Side Effects

Noticeable bruising and swelling is to be expected for several days after the operation. Some level of swelling may remain for three or four weeks, and eye makeup should not be worn until the skin has fully healed. The level of discomfort should be mild, however. Contacts can be worn when the eyelids have healed enough for the lenses to be comfortable. Until then, patients who need corrected vision should rely on their eyeglasses.

In the Future

In the future, staying out of the sun or protecting the facial skin from sun exposure is important. The person also should avoid rubbing the eyes, even though doing so can be very tempting sometimes. That rubbing motion is hard on the delicate skin.