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The Importance of Dual Diagnosis when it Comes to Treatment for Drug Addictions and Mental Illnesses

Generally, mental disorders like depression often accompany cases of addiction. In such a case as where one suffers from a mental condition and such co-occurring conditions, they would be said to be suffering from a dual diagnosis.

Just as we have already seen noted above, a good number of the cases of diagnoses for addictions will often present themselves with other co-occurring conditions, mental health disorders and or behavioral disorders. When such is the case, the individual would be said to be having dual diagnosis and generally, one who happens to be suffering from such and is as such taken in for treatment and rehabilitation will require an integrated and specialized approach to their treatment plan, the kind that will deal with the addiction and as well address the co-occurring disorder presenting itself. The sad reality is that according to what we have seen from studies and statistics is that a good number of those who have been taken in for addiction treatments, actually close to 50% of these cases, have been found to be suffering from such co-occurring mental health disorders.

As such, it suffices to say that if you are seeking treatment for your addiction problem, then you would be advised to think of finding one that treats the addiction any co-occurring behavioral or mental health disorder for you to stand the best odds at regaining your health and mental health status that you look for.

By and large, there are some few mental health and behavioral disorders that have proved to be so common and will present themselves alongside any sort of addiction. By the way, you may come to realize that a good number of these mental disorders and behavioral disorders are the underlying causes of an addiction. This ideally explains the reason as to why it would be so important for you to never assume any symptoms of an underlying condition for it may be solution to help the addict have a long term solution to their substance use disorder. By and large, there are quite a number of the mental health and behavioral health disorders that have been commonly linked with substance use disorders and addictions and some of these are; ADHD, Bipolar disorder, Borderline Personality disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, eating disorders, depression to mention but some in the list of many.

As we had already mentioned at the beginning, quite a significant percentage of the population suffers from dual diagnosis. For those amongst us who may be diagnosed with a mental health condition, they happen to be at a much higher risk of suffering from substance use disorder. And at the same time, those who may be into the abuse of drugs and may be so hooked to these, the same as well are at a higher risk of developing some co-occurring mental or behavioral health disorder.

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